Biorom Ralex is the place where you will find natural and quality products, ready to be cooked and served. We ofer a wide variety of natural products, fresh, dried or frozen, depending on the diversified preferences of the clients. Mushrooms (ex. boletus, chanterelles, etc.) or wild fruits, either medicinal or edible, all of them are freshly picked. We do the sorting and cleaning of the products to bring the freshness of the nature closer to you.

Biorom Ralex

Biorom Ralex is the place where the freshly picked wild fruits are carefully sorted and cleaned to successfully meet all clients standards. Nature’s freshness and delicacy are the main ingredients for creating a variety of delicious and healthy products. Fresh wild fruits (ex: blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, etc.) are the key ingredient for many happy clients.



Because it’s very important to have fresh food daily, the freshness of the nature is now brought to you by Biorom Ralex through freshly harvested plants, mushrooms and wild fruits.


The quality-price ratio of our services and products is excellent. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy qualitative and fresh products at more than satisfactory prices.


From love to nature, we have chosen to offer you just the best. Foods offered by nature have beneficial properties on us, so they should not miss from our daily diet.

We love nature

We love nature and we are sure that you too, that is why we offer you the daily dose of health and vitality that you can only get from the fresh fruits and vegetables offered by the mother nature.


We want and we have our customers’ trust because our products and services are of the highest quality and only quality, sorted and cleaned products will get you.


Most of our occasional customers have become loyal customers, and many of them are now our friends. And our friends receive all our attention, every time.


You can find us very easily at the contact address, and for any other information or concerns, you can contact us by email, contact page or the displayed phone numbers.



Our products are carefully prepared before reaching our customers, so all you have to do is select your favorite method and they will be delivered as per customer’s requirements. In particular the plants are ideal for dry consumption, because they can be used as teas, spices or medicinal herbs.


Frozen products are great because they retain their aroma and naturalness for a long time in this state, until they are cooked. Whether we are talking about mushrooms or berries, they can be delivered in a frozen state, so customers can enjoy the nature’s goodness and freshness at any time.


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